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PV-Mediated Drug Delivery for Tumor Immunotherapy

-The application of PV-based delivery systems in tumor immunotherapy

PV systems are known to be capable of content material delivery to specific host cells through their only round of replication. Therefore, when packaged with 'suicide genes' dictating for tumor cell death, it becomes a powerful weapon against malignancies that could be difficult for conventional drug administration, for example cancers in mucosal tissues. The efficacy of PV-based suicide gene delivery has been demonstrated by research on treatment of bladder cancer. In this application, artificially assembled PVs act as delivery vectors transferring suicide genes to the internal of tumor cells. Successful induction of tumor cell death (TCD) and further adaptive immune response against NIMBC has been achieved on immunotherapy using PV vectors packaged in Human Papillomavirus (HPV) capsids.

PV-Mediated Drug Delivery for Tumor ImmunotherapyFig 1. Mechanisms of PVs delivering their content (Rohovie, Nagasawa, & Swartz, 2016).

-The advantage of PV-mediated systems to conventional approaches?

  1. Capability to effectively deliver therapeutic entities to sites otherwise challenging to reach;
  2. High PV titer;
  3. Capability to induce adaptive immune response against cancer, reducing the risk for recurrence.

-What is offered by Creatvie Biogene?

  1. Establishment of virion transfected cell lines;
  2. Construction of 'suicide gene' bearing PVs associated with reporter gene;
  3. Pre-clinical trials on animal models.

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  1. Rohovie M. J., Nagasawa M. & Swartz R. M., (2016), 'Virus-like particles: next-generation nanoparticles for targeted therapeutic delivery', Bioengineering and Translational Medicine, 2:43-57.
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