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VLP-Based Viral Component Characterization

-How is VLP-based system utilized in viral component characterization?

Despite remarkable advancements being achieved during the past decade in virology, the amount of viruses that has yet to be comprehensively investigated remains substantial. In order to characterize elements involving in infections, scientists have turned to VLPs for inspirations. VLP-based analysis facilitated by advanced imaging technologies such as cryo-electron (CE) microscopy has contributed to the reveal of organization patterns of influenza A virus surface antigen Hemaglutanin (HA) (McCraw et al., 2017). Progress was also made in characterization of Human Noro Virus (HuNoV) infection by two research groups from China who had success in characterization of receptor binding by utilizing VLPs as surrogate for live HuNoV.

-Why is VLP-based system superior to conventional ones?

Comparing to conventional approaches that relies heavily on cell culture with highly infective live viruses, VLPs shines the following aspects:

1. Safety of handling: no infectious virus involvement, enabling safer investigation on dangerous viral categories;

2. Low requirement on facility: since the virulence is substantially crippled in VLPs, no facility at or above BSL-3 is required;

3. Ease of customization: VLPs are artificially synthesized with relatively low difficulties, easier to construct client-defined VLPs;

4. Possibility for high-throughput investigation: VLPs packaged with membrane proteins from multiple sources could be manufactured without significant technical challenges, allowing possibility for high-throughput screening/investigation.

-What does Creative Biogene offer?

At Creative Biogene, we strive to provide our clients with services and products covering most aspects of VLP-based viral characterization process. We have an extensive catalog of established VLP constructs and expression cell lines for our clients to choose from while offering full customization service should highly specific client-defined VLPs are required for your research. For more details and inquiries regarding our customization services, please feel free to contact us at email: , our highly experienced technical support scientists are more than happy to discuss over details of your research plan and offer the best solution catered specifically to your needs.

-Why Creative Biogene?

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  1. McCraw, D.M. et al., (2017), 'Structural analysis of influenza vaccine virus-like particles reveals a multicomponent organization', Scientific Report, 8:10342.
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