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Premade Lentivirus Particles

Premade Lentivirus Particles

Lentiviruses are a subset of retroviruses, with the ability to intergrate into host chromosomes, and to infect both dividing and non-dividing cells. They are excellent tools which used to deliver gene expression or knockdown. Several features make lentivirus gene delivery system preferable. Letiviral vectors can integrate transgenes into the host genomic DNA but do not transfer sequences that encode for proteins derived from the packaging virus. Finally, lentiviral vectors can infect a broad range of cell lines or model organisms (mouses, rat, etc).

Creative Biogene provides pre-made lentivirus particles for shRNA expression, miRNA expression and gene expression. Each particle contains a fully verified the specific gene or shRNA/miRNA. Additionlly, we offer lentivirus expression plasmid with desired promoters or tags. If you don’t find the premade lentivirus particles you want, Creative biogene can also provide the customized lentivirus particles with the best prices and fastest turnaround time for you!

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