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Aptamers Services

Aptamer synthesis

We can provide you with oligo library. The initial oligonucleotide library is usually 60-80mer with a 20-40 nucleotide random (N) bases that will give rise to a random oligo library.

We also can synthesize the selected aptamer according to your requirements.

Synthetic aptamers are purified by PAGE or HPLC and verified by mass spec.

Aptamer generation

We provide a complete solution of aptamer generation (library synthesis, aptamer selection and validation) for a broad range of targets. At first we synthesize the huge random oligonucleotide pools in which the copies are up to 1015 that are used as the source of the screen for aptamers. Then we use our advanced aptamer generating technologies to select high affinity aptamers from the pool, clone and sequence. Finally, we will test biological function and analytical properties of the selected aptamers by means of a variety of different molecular biological and physicochemical techniques. Affinity and specificity to the target molecule, equilibrium, kinetic, thermodynamic parameters of bio-molecular interaction and the structural stability of aptamers as affinity ligands will all be presented.


Creative Biogene also is a leading service provider for cell SELEX (cell aptamer selection). We are experienced to discover aptamers target to proteins located on the cell surface.

Cell SELEX protocol

Aptamer design and modification

After an aptamer is selected we can suggest specific modifications to improve its properties based on your requirements e.g cell delivery, nuclease resistance, duplex stability etc. Moreover, biotinylation, fluorophores, backbone modifications and other functionalizations are all available.

Other services

Services offered by Creative Biogene also include: negative selection (By means of negative selection techniques non-specific binders will be removed), aptamer-based precipitation, aptamer-based sensors and aptamer-based microarrays, allosteric/structure-switching aptamer.

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