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Adenovirus Titration

Adenoviruses have been widely used in gene delivery. They can be easily produced, contain large capacity and can infect almost any cell type. To obtain results that are precise, consistent and interpretable, accurate adenovirus titers should be determined prior to use. Accurate adenovirus titer is also important for maintaining consistent stocks, efficient virus recovery from old stocks.

There are several established methods for titration of adenovirus which can be divided into physical titration and biological titration. Physical titration methods calculate total virus particles including live and dead particles and give physical titer. Biological titration methods count the number of infectious virus in the solution and give PFU (Plaque Forming Units) titer. Physical titer is usually higher than PFU titer.

Creative Biogene offers both physical and biological adenovirus titration services. Physical titer is determined using qPCR with primers targeting specific region of adenovirus genome. PFU titer is performed by counting genuine plaques after cell infection and usually takes 1~2 weeks.

Required Material:

Crude virus lysate or purified viral preps

Adenovirus Titration Figure 1. PFU titration: HEK293 cells infected with virus diluted at 10^-5, 10^-6, 10^-7 and 10^-8, respectively.

Our validated titration assays can provide you with the accurate titer to facilitate your experimental design and result reproducibility.


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