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Protease Screening & Profiling Services

Creative Biogene is a leading company offering the best protease screening and profiling services. Based on the years of research experience, Creative Biogene provides a unique platform for the discovery of protease inhibitors.

Creative Biogene offers access to a fully defined, flexible profiling and screening service for potential drug inhibitors of protease targets in drug discovery. Our flexible services of over 50 proteases spanning across metalloproteinases, serine, cysteine, threonine, aspartic families and other protease targets have been designed in mind to facilitate your drug discovery process and provide the answers you need. Our service uses highly specific and fluorogenic-based functional assays with specific substrates to avoid the false positives and negatives generated by other assay formats. Moreover, Creative Biogene also provides testing formats from customized assay protocols to miniaturized HTS platform to facilitate your drug discovery process.

Table 1. Protease screening targets

Serine proteaseKallikrein1Kallikrein5Kallikrein7Kallikrein12Kallikrein13
ChymaseProteinase AProteinase KThrombinTrypsin b2
Trypsin g1UrokinaseFactor VIIaFactor XaFactor XIa
ElastaseCathepsin GChymotrypsin  
Cysteine proteasePapainCalpainCathepsin BCathepsin CCathepsin H
Cathepsin LCathepsin SCathepsin VMALT1UCHL
Aspartic ProteaseHIV-1BACE1Caspase-1Caspase-3Caspase-6
Threonine proteasePSMAGGT   

Proteases are one of the largest enzyme family encoded by the human genome. Through catalyzing the hydrolysis of peptide bonds, an enzymatic reaction contributes to the regulation of proteolysis mechanism which is the core of many physiological and pathological processes, such as cell proliferation, tissue remodeling, embryonic development, blood coagulation, blood pressure control, protein activation and maturation, protein catabolism, protein transport, inflammation, infection, and cancer. In particular, the human degradome, which contains a full list of proteases synthesized by human cells, is made up of at least 569 proteases distributed into five broad classes: metalloproteinases, serine, cysteine, threonine, and aspartic proteases (Lopez-Otin et al. 2007).

Protease Screening & Profiling Services Fig.1 The sketch of protease

Proteases play an important role in many signaling pathways and represent potential drug targets for diseases ranging from cardiovascular disorders to cancer, as well as for combating many parasites and viruses. A lot of proteases, such as HIV protease, MMP, DDP and ACE, play a major role in diseases, which make them one of the primary targets groups in drug discovery. Because of their significance in the pathology of disease, proteases are now considered as a relevant drug target class.

Protease Screening & Profiling Services Fig.2 The structure of a protease

Creative Biogene offers protease compound screening and profiling services, which can accelerate your drug discovery program. It is our commitment to offer you high-quality data with fast turnaround time. Our experienced experts’ team along with our broad services portfolio makes it easier to meet the demands of different researchers. Dedicated scientists in Creative Biogene who have years of experience in protease screening and profiling will offer you reliable results and strict quality controls under the most competitive price to meet your discovery programs.

If you have any special requirements in protease compound screening, please feel free to contact us at or 1-631-626-9181. We are looking forward to working together with your attractive projects.


  1. Lopez-Otin C and Matrisian LM. (2007) ‘Emerging roles of proteases in tumour suppression’, Nat Rev Cancer, 7, 800-8

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