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Lettuce Transformation Service

Creative Biogene offers standard and customized lettuce transformation service to meet the needs of crop improvement and genome discoveries. We utilize high-throughput transformation system and genome editing technology to help customers breeding lettuce varieties with traits such as herbicide, virus resistance, environmental stress resistance, yield enhancement, accumulation of pharmaceutical proteins, increased leaf calcium content, and increased total polyphenol content. We devote ourselves to be the leader in plant engineering and crop improvement to ensure that each project is given the attention it needs.

Lettuce (lactuca sativa L.) is a globally important leafy vegetable that can be grown worldwide. It is commonly used in various dishes and can be eaten raw that rich in β -carotene, and vitamins E, C and B. Due to the rapid growth capability, short life cycle and high biomass yield, the leafy lettuce is considered as a candidate for the production and delivery of therapeutic proteins. Moreover, lettuce is a model plant for functional genomics research in Asteraceae because of its adaptability to tissue culture and stable genetic transformation. Moreover, plastid transformation system with high transgene expression level has been developed in leafy lettuce. It's expected to open up new possibilities for metabolic engineering, resistance management, and the use of plants as factories for biopharmaceuticals.

Agrobacterium-mediated lettuce transformation Figure 1. Agrobacterium-mediated lettuce transformation

Service offered by Creative Biogene

  • Standard and customized lettuce transformation service
  • Development and optimization of transformation protocol for cultivated species
  • Standard genome editing service
  • Transgene-free genome editing service

With high-efficient transformation platform and experienced R&D team, Creative Biogene has established transformation systems for various species. We have the capacity to offer customized solution according to specific explant type, Agrobacterium strains, expression cassette and culture condition. Our customer-centered service ensures the quality and the success of your research projects.


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For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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