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Soybean Transformation Service

Creative Biogene has established efficient transformation and genome editing platforms for an array of major crop species, such as soybean. Our platform is well equipped for all aspects related to molecular construction, molecular characterization, plant transformation, tissue culture, and plant growth. On this basis, we offer high-quality and cost-effective transformation service for various soybean genotype, including but not limited to Williams 82, Thorne, Jack, Tianlong 1 and Bert.

The economic importance of soybeans worldwide as a source of oil and meal for human and animal consumption as well as for industrial uses, such as biofuel production, has made this crop a target for genetic improvement. Transgenic soybean is a genetically modified (GM) crop that occupies the largest global scale with its food, nutritional, industrial, and pharmaceutical uses. From 1996 to 2015, approximately 1030 million hectares of GM soybean were planted and more than 50 billion US dollars were generated as income to farmers. Thus, genetic engineering technologies represent an invaluable tool for molecular, genetic, biochemical and physiological studies, as well as a breakthrough for breeding programs, allowing the production of novel and genetically diverse genotypes. Agrobacterium-mediated method with easily operating and high successful rate is widely used in soybean transformation. The general steps for this method include (Figure 1):

  • Soybean seeds sterilization and imbibition.
  • Preparation of Agrobacterium (EHA101, EHA105, GV3101, AGL1, C58C1).
  • Agrobacterium infection of half-seed cotyledonary explants.
  • Co-cultivation
  • Initial regeneration
  • Plantlet formation
  • Shoot elongation
  • Plantlets rooting

Agrobacterium-mediated soybean (Williams 82) transformation Figure 1. Agrobacterium-mediated soybean (Williams 82) transformation

Creative Biogene also utilize CRISPR/Cas9 technology to generation commercially viable and transgene-free gene-edited soybean, which are not limited by long and costly regulatory evaluation processes as well as by public concerns. Besides, Creative Biogene establishes soybean hairy root transient expression system to facilitate the development of basic function research and plant-based recombinant protein production.

Creative Biogene provides soybean transformation and genome editing services for global customers. We devote ourselves to be the leader in plant engineering and crop improvement to ensure that each project is given the attention it needs. For further information, please feel free to contact us at .

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