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Lipoparticle Platform

-What is Lipoparticle?

The term 'Lipoparticle' refers to the sub-category of VLPs packaged with highly-concentrated, structurally intact membrane proteins. Membrane proteins are typically presented on the surface, enabling them to be manipulated as soluble proteins for analytical applications.

-What can Lipoparticles be applied to?

Lipoparticles offers a novel platform to conventional approaches such as membrane preparation and use of live cells. Applications of lipoparticles cover not only the ones that are unique to them, but also those of standard VLPs. A brief list of applications is showed as follows:

1. Phage/yeast display;

2. Kinetic analysis by biosensors;

3. Ligand binding analysis;

4. Vaccine development;

5. ELISA-based antibody screening;

Lipoparticle PlatformFig 1. Application of lipoparticle in antibody discovery/screening (Adam, Banik, and Doranz, 2014).

-What does Creative Biogene offer?

At Creative Biogene, not only do we offer commercialized lipoparticle production, but also client-defined customization services allowing for construction of lipoparticles expressing precisely the proteins of your interests. We are committed to providing our clients with trouble-free, one-stop solution to your research quests. For discussion regarding your specific requests, please feel free to contact us at 1-631-626-9181 or email: , our highly experienced technical support scientists are more than happy to discuss over details of your research plan and offer the best solution catered specifically to your needs.

-Why Creative Biogene?

Creative Biogene has rich history of success and commitment to providing our clients with the best service using only state-of-the-art equipment and finest materials. Coming from world renowned institutions around the globe, researchers of our laboratory team are well-trained and highly experienced with the devotion and dedication to fulfill any requirements by our clients to satisfactory. At Creative Biogene, industry-leading PV customization service is offered to all of our clients at competitive pricing with rapid turnaround time, ensuring an easy and trouble-free start of your research.


  1. Adam V., Banik S., Doranz B., (2014). 'Membrane protein solutions for antibody discovery', Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 34(8).
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