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Integrating Lentivirus (ILV) Service

Brief Introduction

Lentivirus is a subfamily of retroviruses. Lentivirus can deliver a significant amount of RNA into the host cells including both the dividing and non-dividing cells in vitro and in vivo. With years of experience in research of lentivirus, Creative Biogene provides convenient and efficient services for studies on promoter regulation, target gene over-expression, silencing of genes and so on. Using an innovative platform "CLPS" (Creative Lentiviral Packaging System), Creative Biogene has been generated more lentiviruses than other popular systems. Lentiviruses generated from “CLPS” platform have high safety profile and high efficiency of gene delivery to virtually all cell types and whole model organisms. There is no question that Creative Biogene is pioneering in the development of lentiviral technology. Our lentivirus service can save your precious time and effort of constructing the lentivirus vector, packaging virus, and then you can receive ready-to-use lentiviral particles.

Recombinant lentivirus is a powerful research tool used to introduce a gene product into in vitro systems or animal models. There are several features make lentivirus preferable:

  1.  Infecting a wide range of cell lines or model organisms (mouses, rat, etc)
  2.  High-efficient integration into the host genomic DNA
  3.  long-term expression of the transgene both in vivo and in vitro


  1. Transgene (cDNA, shRNA, miRNA etc.) delivery into a wide range of cells
  2. Two or more transgenes expression from the same vector
  3. Vectors containing two genes of interest
  4. Vectors containing your interest gene and a reporter gene
  5. Production of transgenic animals
  6. Generation of stable cell lines for long-lasting high level expression
  7. Effective way to block the expression of a specific gene using RNA interference technology


Creative Biogene's lentivirus service has the following features:

  1. One-stop solution: from DNA synthesis to lentivirus production
  2. Offer custom construction of lentivirus expression plasmid with different promoters or tags
  3. 2nd generation and 3rd generation lentiviral systems are both available
  4. Produce high titer lentivirus particles suitable for in vitro cell experiments or in vivo animal tests
  5. Fast turnaround time: typically in a few of weeks to save your precious time for research
  6. Cost-saving: provide high quality lentivirus particles with competitive price

The Service includes

Creative Biogene provides services for the entire lentivirus vector construction and virus packaging process, which includes:

  1. Synthesize your genetic materials (cDNA, shRNA, miRNA etc.)
  2. Clone gene of interest into appropriate lentivirus transfer plasmid
  3. Lentivirus production
  4. Lentivirus purification and titration

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Lentivirus Service


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