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Transfected Stable Cell Lines

Brief Introduction

Stable cell lines with specific gene over-expression or knock-down are very helpful in gene function analysis, target discovery, target validation, assay development, and compound screening. However, generation of stable cell lines is a time-consuming and expensive process.

Creative Biogene has established a team of experts for stable cell line generation. We have successfully generated hundreds of stable cell lines including:

These cell products are in well preparation to meet the requirements of our customers. Besides, we can also provide PanoplyTM cell products to satisfy your research needs.

Creative Biogene’s cell lines are generated by plasmid transfection/lentivirus transduction, selection of stable cells, colony picking, expression and functional screening, and final validation of construct expression by real-time qRT-PCR or Western blot analysis.

Stable Cell Line Generation Protocol:

  • Generate a kill curve to determine the optimal selection antibiotic concentration
  • Transfect cells with desired plasmid construct(s)
  • Select and expand stable polyclonal colonies
  • Identify single clones by limited dilution and expansion
  • Transfer clones and assess expression
  • Expand and freeze down high expressing clones

Advantages of Our Transfected Stable Cell Lines:

  • Experienced: Customized cell generation project was managed by experienced scientists throughout the process, from design to delivery.
  • Cost effective: Creative Biogene saves your money with competitive prices and meets all your needs.
  • Reliable cell products: Creative Biogene can save your precious time and speed up your research by providing you with reliable cell products.
  • Broad cell types: Creative Biogene provide different cell types, including HEK293, HeLa, CHO, U2OS etc.
  • Convenient: Easy online inquiry and ordering.
  • Secure shipping & Rapid delivery

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