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Since a long time, the isolation of aptamers is performed with the SELEX procedure (Systema¬tic Evolution of Ligands by EXponential Enrichment).

Aptamers are selected for different targets starting from a huge library of molecules containing randomly created sequences.

In traditional SELEX, oligonucleotides is exposed to a target of interest and allowed to bind. Those that do not bind are separated and discarded, and oligonucleotides that do bind are then isolated and amplified using PCR technology. The new, enriched pool of oligonucleotides is again allowed to bind to the target, and the cycle is repeated.

Traditional SELEX protocol

Technology Platforms

Creative Biogene is dedicated to provide high quality aptamers based on our proprietary aptamer technology platforms since its inception. Whatever the requirements for your applications are, let us use our advanced next-generation aptamer technologies to help you screen high affinity aptamers, design the appropriate modification and generate aptamers more efficiently for your project.

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