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Custom CAR Lentiviral Service


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Custom CAR Lentiviral Service

Viral vectors are efficient tools for modification of eukaryotic cells, and they are now used to introduce genes into mature T cells to generate immunity to cancer through the delivery of chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) or cloned T-cell receptors. Lentiviral vectors, derived from the human immunodeficiency virus, have been extensively investigated and optimized over the past two decades. CAR-T cell therapies engineered using lentiviral vectors have demonstrated noteworthy clinical success in patients with B-cell malignancies, leading to regulatory approval of the first genetically engineered cellular therapy using lentiviral vectors.

However, lentiviral infection of primary T cells is always a challenging task. Although lentiviral vectors are capable of transducing T-cells in the quiescent growth phase, increased transduction efficiency can be achieved only if the T-cells are activated through T-cell receptor activation and/or by cytokines. This limitation undoubtedly increases the difficulty of CAR‐T cell construction.

CAR Lentiviral Services at Creative Biogene

Lentivirus packaging team in Creative Biogene has extensive experience in lentivirus related work. We have carried out systematic optimization in the aspects of increasing the ability of lentivirus to carry exogenous genes, improving the affinity of lentivirus to cells from different tissue sources, and enhancing the production and titer of lentivirus. The lentivirus constructed by our platform is proven via FACS to be able to infect T cells efficiently. Creative Biogene provides one-stop service to offer ultra high titer lentivirus production service for CAR-T cell therapies.

CAR-Lentiviral-Vectors-.jpgFigure 1 Generation process for CAR-T cells.
(Anti-Cancer Drugs 2016)


  • CAR vector construction
  • CAR virus packaging
  • CAR transfection


  • The third-generation lentivirus packaging system based on 5 plasmids further improves the biological safety and security
  • High titer lentivirus production
  • Serum-free virus preparation system
  • Suitable for in vivo application
  • qPCR validation
  • Clinical and R&D - grade CAR-T virus packaging services


  • Construction of viral vectors.
  • Transfection into packaging cells.
  • Virus collection, concentration and titer determination.
  • Lentiviral transduction, and CAR-T expansion.
  • Measurements of CAR expression, INF-γ & IL-2 induction and cytotoxicity.


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