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Functional Analysis Service

Creative Biogene is a leading international biotechnology company, providing the functional analysis service for transgenic plants to customers. Our company has always maintained the advantages of diversity of plant genetic transformation varieties, high efficiency of transformation, and a professional platform.

Transgenic technology is a versatile method for studying gene function. When the target gene is successfully transformed into the plants, we take the functional analysis through phenotypic changes and quality testing.

1. Phenotypic Change

When some of the target genes are transformed into a plant, it will cause the changes in the relevant phenotype controlled by the gene. The phenotypic change testing services we provide include but are not limited to plant height, leaf number, leaf color, leaf shape, flower shape, flower color, root length, sugar content, which can be customized according to your needs. For example, the overexpression material of ZmMADS69 exhibits an obvious early flower phenotype (Figure 1).

Functional validation of ZmMADS69. Fig.1 Functional validation of ZmMADS69.

2. Quality Testing

From the perspective of plant breeding, transgenic plants can obtain the characteristics that cannot be achieved by traditional breeding method, achieving high-yield and high-quality breeding goals. We provide quality testing services to detect the resistance of transgenic plants such as cold resistance, drought resistance, salt and alkali resistance, disease resistance and insect resistance, and changes in the nutritional quality of transgenic plants. For example, pRD29A::PYL9 transgene significantly improved drought resistance in rice and Arabidopsis (Figure 2).

pRD29A::PYL9 transgenic plants exhibit improved drought-stress resistance in both Arabidopsis and rice. Fig.2 pRD29A::PYL9 transgenic plants exhibit improved drought-stress resistance in both Arabidopsis and rice.

3. Other Functional Testing

We provide customers with other functional testing services at the molecular level to support the functional analysis from multiple perspectives. Both transient transformation and stable genetically modified plants are available for functional analysis services to meet your multi-faceted needs. We employ various assays including but not limited to DNA sequencing, southern blotting, real-time PCR, western blotting, ELISA.

Creative Biogene provides a one-stop function analysis service for customers. We are dedicated to service you with high-quality service to meet your different needs. For more information, please contact us at at any time.

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