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Particle Bombardment Service

As a global company specialized in biotechnology, Creative Biogene develops an efficient and versatile transformation platform of particle bombardment and utilizes it to provide both transient and stable plant transformation services for clients.

Particle bombardment is known as gene gun technology. The system quickly launches DNA-wrapped gold powder or tungsten particles into target plant cells or tissues with the assistance of high pressure helium. As the particles enter plant cells, the transgenes are released from the surface of particles and then are incorporated into the chromosomal DNA. Particle bombardment is mainly used for generation of transgenic plants and research around the function of target genes at present. Moreover, this system also holds the promise of becoming a universal gene delivery system and a means to introduce drugs and other biologically important substances into cells.

The Process of Particle BombardmentFigure 1. The Process of Particle Bombardment

Comparing with other strategies, particle bombardment is a versatile and effective transformation method, not limited by cell type, species or genotype. It has great significance for the transformation of monocots, which are not natural hosts of Agrobacterium. In addition, particle bombardment technology can also be used to transfer genes into chloroplast and mitochondrion, which is especially important for organelle function research.

Creative Biogene utilizes a wide variety of cells and tissue explants to transform for different species, such as seeds, shoot apices, excised discs from young leaves, callus tissue, microspores and immature pollen grains, which greatly shortens the experimental period and increases transformation efficiency. Our professional skills and services will meet different research purposes.

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