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GMP Grade Plasmid DNA Production Service

Creative Biogene is a biotechnology company which has the expertise to assist you with the GMP manufacture of plasmid DNA. Creative Biogene’s top priorities are to streamline the platform processes or work with you to design a process that meets your specific needs and expedites your transition to the clinic. With years of experience in plasmid DNA production, Creative Biogene can offer the most affordable and high-quality GMP grade plasmid DNA production service to meet your various needs.

GMP grade plasmid DNA production service

Plasmids were identified initially as elements carrying extrachromosomal genetic information of Escherichia coli (E. coli) [1]. Nowadays, these typically circular DNA molecules have become one of the most important tools in genetics and molecular biology. With the development of gene therapy and genetic vaccination, plasmid DNAs with high quality and high purity are needed. During a period of development, Creative Biogene can provide you with GMP grade plasmid DNA to best matches your needs, such as animal experiments, microinjection, and gene therapy studies. Besides, with the help of highly experienced staffs, Creative Biogene can provide the fastest turnaround time of any supplier in the industry.


  1. Gene therapy
  2. DNA vaccines research
  3. Biodistribution studies
  4. Bioprocess manufacturing applications


  1. Flexible production scale from micrograms to grams
  2. No animal derived enzymes or organic solvents
  3. High proportion of supercoiled DNA
  4. Strict quality control
  5. Competitive prices
  6. Fast turnaround time

Creative Biogene offers GMP grade plasmid DNA production services for your scientific research as follows:

  1. Selection of host strain and growth conditions.
  2. High-cell-density fermentation and harvesting.
  3. Cell lysis and plasmid purification.
  4. Quality control testing.


GMP grade plasmid DNA Production Service


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