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Mouse Gene Cloning Services

The mouse has been used as a privileged model organism since the early days of genetics, and a large number of experiments made with this small mammal have regularly contributed to enrich our knowledge of mammalian biology and pathology, ranging from embryonic development to immunology, metabolic disease, histocompatibility, and cancer. On average, the protein-coding regions of the human and mouse genomes are 85 percent identical; some genes are 99 percent identical while others are only 60 percent identical. These regions are evolutionarily conserved as they are required for function. By contrast, the non-coding regions are much less similar (≤ 50 percent). Thus, when one compares the same DNA region from human and mouse, the functional elements clearly stand out owing to their greater similarity.

Why Mouse Gene Cloning Matters?

Mouse, human and other mammals shared a common ancestor approximately 80 million years ago. Thus, the genomes of all mammals are comparably similar. Theoretically, comparisons of the DNA sequence of the dog or the cow with that of the human would be quite informative. Nevertheless, the mouse has a key advantage in that it is a well-established experimental model. Not only can genes easily be found in mouse genome sequence, but it also is possible to test experimentally the function of those genes in the mouse. Therefore, scientists can mimic in mice the effect of DNA alterations which occur in human diseases and carefully study the consequences of these DNA misspellings. Mouse models also offer the opportunity to test possible therapeutic agents and evaluate their precise effects.

Our Mouse Gene Cloning Services

Mouse genes are becoming essential tools in life science research and biological drug discovery. However, many mouse genes are not available commercially, forcing many laboratories to clone mouse genes by themselves, which is very much costly and time-consuming. In some cases, cloning a mouse gene may be very challenging as well.

Creative Biogene has devoted extensive resources in establishing expertise and capability for high-throughput mouse gene cloning. In recent years, we have cloned out thousands of mouse genes from cDNA libraries and mouse tissue. Our experience enables us to clone very large mouse genes and difficult-to-clone mouse genes.


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