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Target-based Drug Discovery Service

Brief Introduction

Creative Biogene is one of the best partners for scientists in the process of target-based drug discovery. As an experienced drug discovery company, our scientists utilize a large variety of assays that are designed to support your drug discovery. The goal of our services is to effectively save the time and cost of your discovery programs by taking advantages of our expertise and innovative technology platforms.

In terms of innovative screening platforms, flexible study designs, and expedited research programs, Creative Biogene offers biochemical and cell-based assays to assess compound effects on a broad range of drug targets. Our targets cover GPCRs, ion channels, kinases, proteases, nuclear receptors, PDE etc., and all assays are completely customizable to suit your demands. As a global leader in drug discovery industry, Creative Biogene can offer you reliable results, quick turnaround times and strict quality controls to reduce the cost of your discovery programs.

Target-based Drug Discovery Service Fig.1 The sketch for compounds attaching to targets

The foundation of target-based drug discovery started with advances in pharmacology, as well as synthetic and medicinal chemistry beginning in the early 20th century. Molecular targets are often discovered in basic research, including animal disease models and clinical observations of patient phenotypes. In early drug discovery, target-based screening has become the major approach (Zheng et al. 2013).

Target-based drug discovery affects only one gene or molecular mechanism (i.e. the target) in order to selectively treat the deficit that causes the disease without producing side effects. Generally, target-based drug discovery consists of five steps:

  1. Target identification, where the exact target and the specific patient population are identified.
  2. Target validation, where the therapeutic value of the target in the specified patient population is determined.
  3. Assay development, where the target expression is in an HTS assay system.
  4. Lead identification, where compound libraries are screened to identify target-selective compounds.
  5. Lead optimization, where lead structures are optimized for target affinity and selectivity.

Target-based Drug Discovery Service Fig.2 The flow chart of target-based drug discovery. (Sams-Dodd 2005)

Creative Biogene can offer you with primary screening and run assays to optimize lead compounds or identify potential off-target interactions that may endanger the success of your project. Our experienced experts are dedicated to identifying the compounds with the greatest chance to succeed. Meanwhile, based on the commitment of prompt communication and on-time reporting, our staffs will ensure a high-efficiency service to meet the strict project timelines.


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