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Self-Complementary Adeno-Associated Virus (scAAV) Service

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is a very attractive tool for gene delivery.


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Self-Complementary Adeno-Associated Virus (scAAV) Service


Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is a very attractive tool for gene delivery. Traditional single-stranded adeno-associated virus (ssAAV) requires host-cell synthesis or recruitment of the complementary strand ahead of transgene expression, which is known to be a limiting factor in the efficiency of AAV transduction.

In order to circumvent this rate-limiting step of complementary-strand synthesis, scientists have developed a novel AAV delivery system named self-complementary adeno-associated virus (scAAV). For ssAAV, the coding sequence and complementary sequence are packaged in different viral particles. Upon infection, a process of cell-mediated synthesis or recruitment of the complementary strand is initiated to form duplex DNA templates. scAAV is designed to be able to immediately form an intra-molecular double-stranded DNA after uncoating in target cells, which allows a rapid and high level of transgene expression.

Although it further limits the packaging capacity of scAAV to ~2.4 kb, scAAV is an important improvement due to its higher transduction efficiency.

As a leading expert in virus technology, Creative Biogene has the platform to produce scAAV particles in high titer and large scale to meet your need when it comes to doing scientific research. From the beginning sequence synthesis, viral plasmid construction to the final virus production, Creative Biogene can help you from any stage to save your time from these time-consuming steps in research.


  1. Gene delivery with higher transduction efficiency to both dividing and non-dividing cells
  2. Generate research animal models
  3. Gene therapy research
  4. Persistent and non-integrating expression in non-dividing cells


  1. Comprehensive services: DNA synthesis, plasmid construction and preparation, scAAV packging and purification
  2. High titers (1 x 10^13 GC/mL) for animal injections
  3. Multiple AAV serotypes for transducing various cell types: AAV-1, AAV-2, AAV-3, AAV-4, AAV-5, AAV-6, AAV-8, AAV-9, AAV-DJ/8 and AAV-DJ
  4. Multiple promoters are available.
  5. Cost & time-saving

The Service Includes:

  1. Synthesis of DNA sequence
  2. AAV viral plasmid construction and preparation
  3. scAAV packaging with requested serotype by co-transfection of the cis and trans-plasmids
  4. Virus collection, virus purification via ultra-centrifugation, virus titration via real-time PCR


[1] McCarty DM, Monahan PE, Samulski RJ. (2001) “Self-complementary recombinant adeno-associated virus (scAAV) vectors promote efficient transduction independently of DNA synthesis”. Gene Ther. 8(16):1248-54.

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