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PEG-mediated Transformation Service

Creative Biogene provides customers with professional services of plant protoplast transformation. With breakthrough technology, Creative Biogene is in a leading position for years in the biotechnology industry. Creative Biogene’s top priorities are to offer services that meet your requirements and accelerate your research programs.

Protoplasts are individual plant cells that have been isolated and have their cell walls removed enzymatically. With efficient and unhampered transformation ability, protoplasts transient and stable transformation systems have been widely used for studying functional genomics in various plants.

Protoplast SystemAdvantages Application
Transient expression Fast, unhampered Protein subcellular localization, promoter research, protein-protein interactions
Stable transformation Co-transformation, efficient Research of gene function and genetic melioration

Transgenic plant regenerates from a single cell rather than tissue or callus in the protoplast transformation system. It means that T0 transgenic plants are definitely not chimera and the transgenic characteristics can be passed on to the next generation steadily. These are the greatest strengths of protoplast transformation technology.

Protoplast experimental process of Creative Biogene:

  • Isolation of protoplast
  • Detection of protoplast activity
  • PEG-mediated protoplast transformation
  • Protoplast culture and regeneration

Regeneration of Plantlets from Transfected ProtoplastFigure 1. Regeneration of Plantlets from Transfected Protoplast

Creative Biogene establishes a stable and effective system of protoplasts isolation and regeneration, and we also constantly optimize the system to apply to more species. In addition, Creative Biogene combines protoplast system with other molecular biology techniques to provide more comprehensive services, such as protein subcellular localization, protein-protein interaction and protein active analysis. These high quality services will accelerate your research of gene function.

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