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Immune Receptor Stable Cell Lines


Immune receptors are protein molecules, usually expressed on the membrane of immune related cells. These receptors can interact with their corresponding ligands to further regulate immune responses. Immune checkpoints and toll-like receptors are important molecules in the immune system.

Immune checkpoints are proteins which can turn up or turn down signals in the immune system. Inhibitors of immune-checkpoint proteins have been considered as new targets for cancer immunotherapies. To accelerate research progress of immune-checkpoint proteins, we have developed stable cell lines expressing the most popular immune checkpoints.

Toll-like receptors, abbreviated as TLRs, are a group of proteins that play key roles in innate immune system. TLRs can recognize structurally conserved molecules derived from microbes and further activate immune cell responses. Several TLR stable cell lines have been developed at Creative Biogene for studies of TLRs.

Table 1. Summary of immune receptor stable cell lines with popular genes
(Gene official symbol listed from A to Z, h: human, r: rat, m: mouse, mon: monkey)


  • Research on immune related diseases and finding therapies or exploring drugs
  • Screening antibodies of immune related proteins via flow cytometry, immunocytochemistry or western blotting
  • Studying mechnisms of immune response


  • Creative Biogene provides a large number of immune related cell lines covering most popular immune receptors.
  • Cells are validated by flow cytometry for protein expression on cell surface.
  • Cells are guaranteed free of mycoplasma contamination.

Immune Receptor Stable Cell Lines Products List

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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