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Expression Vector

The expression vectors are vectors that act as vehicles for DNA insert and also allow the DNA insert to be expressed efficiently. These may be plasmids or viruses. The expression vectors are also known as expression constructs. Specialized host vectors are available for cloning and expression of a variety of genes from numerous species and of variable size fragments. Expression vectors are engineered with special features to control the expression of protein from the cloned gene. Without control, the gene product could potentially disrupt the host cell and even kill it.

Vector technology facilitates single gene analysis, library construction, protein expression, and basic molecular cloning. The elected vector system is influenced by downstream applications, such as PCR, gene transduction or gene transfection. Plasmids and viral vectors are two of the most common vector types used. The development of fluorescence protein marked vectors, like green fluorescent protein (GFP), allows the detection of gene expression within live cells. Antibiotics resistance, localized expression, cloning site size and engineered selection markers should be taken into consideration when choosing an appropriate vector.

To facilitate your research with respect to successful gene expression and protein production, Creative Biogene offers a comprehensive collection of expression vectors. Please browse our expression vectors collection to find your desired one.

Please note that this list is not comprehensive. Creative Biogene can also customize vectors. Please contact us for information on a specific vector not listed or if interested in a customized vector.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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