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Premade Adenovirus for miRNA Expression

miRNA is a single-stranded RNA fragment 18-24 nucleotides in length, which can regulate stability or translational efficiency of target mRNA. These regulatory RNAs function by acting  as sequence-specific guides which recruit a large protein complex known as the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC) to target mRNA which are subsequently silenced. They play an important role in celluar differentiation, proliferation and apoptosis which have elicited great interest in research.

Premade Adenovirus for miRNA Expression

As the well-developed technology, miRNA delivery is not a head-aching issue any more. The adenovirus is a highly-efficient system for delivering miRNA into the target cell lines. If you don’t have time to make your own miRNA expression adenovirus, there is a large number of hsa-miRNAs successfully integrated into premade adenovirus at Creative Biogene, which are ready-to-transfect. Creative Biogene provides high-quality premade adenovirus products for miRNA expression, which can save your effort and precious time in your research. If you don’t find the product of your interest in our adenovirus collection, we can work for your project with our customized adenoviral service!

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