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Transmission Electron Microscopy

Creative Biogene offers an expertise transmission electron microscopy service for clients.


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Transmission Electron Microscopy

Creative Biogene offers an expertise transmission electron microscopy service for clients. With leading-edge transmission electron microscopes, our experienced scientist team will offer an excellent and reliable service at various stages of manufacturing process. Our expertise in TEM-based biosafety service allows us to provide full-service GLP electron microscopy evaluations, from sample preparation through image acquirement to data analysis.

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is a microscopy technique in which microscopes use electrons instead of light as an emission source. Comparing with light microscopy, transmission electron microscopy get a resolution a thousand times owing to its electron source with much lower wavelength. Using TEM, it is possible to capture fine detail, even as small as single column of atoms. Transmission electron microscopy produces high-resolution and detailed images from which researchers can get more information on element and compound structure. As a major and powerful analytical method, transmission electron microscopy plays an important role in chemical, physical and biological sciences. Now, TEM is considered as a tool for biosafety testing and applied for viral particles detection, microbial contamination identification, material analysis and so on. Sample preparation is a crucial step before a TEM analysis, which includes dehydration, sputter coating of non-conductive materials, cryofixation, sectioning and staining. The samples should be sliced thin enough (less than 100nm) for a high-quality analysis.

Figure 1 Transmission electron microscopy and sample preparation methods

Creative Biogene is dedicated to providing high-quality services and products for clients. As a pioneer in TEM, Creative Biogene has a steady platform of transmission electron microscopy with experienced scientists. Our scientist team offers you exceptional theoretical and practical scientific experience. We are a reliable partner that can work close with you.


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