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Phagemid Vector

Brief Introduction

Phagemid Vector

A phagemid is a normal plasmid which derived from a coliphage and a plasmid. It carries both a plasmid replication origin allowing isolation of double stranded plasmid from the cytoplasm of cells, and a replication origin usually from a single stranded phage such as f1, fd or M13 which allows the plasmid to enter a single strand replication mode in which only one of the strands is packaged into the virus particle when helper phage is added to the cell. Besides, the double stranded circular DNA of the plasmid form of the vector contains a variety of multiple cloning sites which make it convenient for DNA recombination, gene manipulation and protein purification.

Creative Biogene can offer you several phagemid vectors which can be used in the study of high-throughput screening of protein-protein interactions, selection of proteins with specific binding properties (high affinity binders), enzyme inhibitor screening, and ligand screening etc.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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