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VLP-Based Vaccine Development Service

-Application of VLP-based systems in vaccine development

Similar to PV-based systems, VLPs have also seen extensive use in vaccine development, propelling advancements in vaccination against infections as well as tumors. Applications of VLP-based systems range from neutralizing antibody screening to evaluation and validation of candidate vaccine compositions.

VLP-Based Vaccine Development ServiceFig 1. VLP-based vaccine triggers immune response against tumors (Ong, Tan, and Ho, 2017).

-Advantages of VLP-based vaccine development

1. Rapid production of VLP enabling for large-scale vaccine manufacture and high-throughput screening;

2. Highly encompassing nature of VLP allows for development of multi-valent vaccines targeting sites that are not easily accessible by conventional ones;

3. Safe and accessible handling attributed to the absence of essential virulence gene;

4. Easy manipulation/modification allowing for purposefully constructed VLP assemblies.

-What does Creative Biogene offer?

1. VLP customization and mass-production;

2. HTS for candidate discovery;

3. Vaccine evaluation/validation.

At Creative Biogene, not only do we provide our clients with top-quality VLP-based vaccine developmental services, but we also offer fully customized solutions should your research requires specific items/services that have not been included. For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us at 1-631-626-9181 or email: , our highly experienced technical support scientists are more than happy to discuss over details of your research plan and offer the best solution catered specifically to your needs.

-Why Creative Biogene?

Creative Biogene has rich history of success and commitment to providing our clients with the best service using only state-of-the-art equipment and finest materials. Coming from world renowned institutions around the globe, researchers of our laboratory team are well-trained and highly experienced with the devotion and dedication to fulfill any requirements by our clients to satisfactory. At Creative Biogene, industry-leading PV customization service is offered to all of our clients at competitive pricing with rapid turnaround time, ensuring an easy and trouble-free start of your research.


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