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Oligonucleotide Products

Oligonucleotides (or oligos) are small nucleic acid polymers, usually less than 20 bases in length. Oligonucleotides can be made by enzymatic cleavage or more commonly via chemical synthesis with polymerases. Oligos have a number of uses from research to disease diagnosis and recently therapeutics. The wide availability of affordable synthetic single-stranded DNA and RNA has opened the way for routine DNA amplification by PCR. This use of oligonucleotides as primers has revolutionized the study of gene expression and disease processes. Apart from their use as PCR primers, oligonucleotides are used as probes, in situ hybridization, in microarray, and antisense analyses, and even as drug carriers.

For a decade or more, Creative Biogene has been synthesizing oligonucleotides for a variety of research applications. Our facilities are particularly designed for large volume custom production, incorporating automation to ensure consistent production. Our oligos are not only of the highest standard but also the most competitive in the industry, especially for high purity and modified oligos. This is because we manufacture the majority of our reagents and tools in-house.

Our catalogue portfolio of pre-designed oligonucleotides includes LncRNA qPCR assay products and CpG ODN. And we can also provide Custom miRNA qPCR Primers Set for profiling miRNome expression, cancer, and disease-related miRNAs of human and mouse.

As your scientific partner, Creative Biogene can assist in the design of oligos for various applications and in troubleshooting activities. We also provide the synthesis of highly modified customer specific oligos. If you have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us at or 1-631-626-9181. Our best trained and most experienced scientists are looking forward to working together with your attractive projects.

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