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microRNA Lentiviral Particles

Deregulation of microRNAs (miRNAs) has been attributed to almost any human disease analyzed to date. To study the function of specific miRNAs, overexpression or suppression techniques are commonly used to reach this goal. The currently most widely used miRNA mimic (miR-Mimic) strategy for miRNA overexpression is based on synthetic non-natural double-stranded miRNA-like RNA. This approach is limited to transient expression of the miRNA under study. Lentiviral vector (LV)-based expression of miRNAs however allows the stable and long-term expression of a miRNA hairpin sequence in a large variety of cell types, including those that are difficult to transfect with standard technology such as primary or nondividing cells.

Human or mouse miRNA precursors and their native context sequences (upstream and downstream flanking genomic sequences) were PCR amplified, and cloned into a lentiviral vector. The GFP and pre-miRNA are co-transcribed under the same promoter, the optional inducible CMV promoter. The GFP provides a convenient indicator for miRNA expression levels. Whether you’re using miRNAs to study cellular processes or develop the next generation of therapeutics, Creative Biogene’s comprehensive collection of human and mouse precursor miRNA lentiviruses are a superior alternative to synthetic miRNAs. Like synthetic miRNAs, Creative Biogene’s precursor miRNAs can be transfected into target cells for transient miRNA expression. But unlike synthetic miRNAs, they can also be transduced into a variety of target cells—including primary cells, stem cells, and other hard-to-transfect cell lines—to create stable miRNA-producing cell lines, maximizing your options for miRNA expression.

Please browse our miRNA lentiviruses collection to find your desired one. If you don’t find the miRNA lentivirus of your interest in our collection, we can also provide custom miRNA lentivirus services for your project with the best price!

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