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Fiber-Modified Ad5/35 Adenovirus Production

Adenovirus (Ad) is an attractive tool for gene delivery as a result of its high transduction efficiency. So far, in human, more than 50 adenoviral serotypes have been identified. The most commonly used adenoviruses are based on Ad5 which mainly recognizes the coxsackie-adenovirus receptor (CAR) expressed on cell surface. However, many cells do not express CAR or express relatively low levels of CAR, such as some tumor cells. Adenovirus serotype 35 (Ad 35) can infect human cells in a different manner from Ad5 which uses CD46 to entry into cells. On this basis, scientists have developed various strategies including adenoviruses with the chimeric type 5 and 35 fiber proteins (Ad5/35). Studies have showed that chimeric Ad5/35 adenoviral vectors are more efficient than Ad5 in infecting human fibroblasts and some human tumor cells including pancreatic, colorectal and breast cancer cells.

Fiber-Modified Ad5/35 Adenovirus ProductionFigure 1. Schematic structure of Ad5/35

With enriched adenovirus production experience, Creative Biogene offers fiber-modified Ad5/35 adenovirus production service to assist your adenovirus-based research. Ad5/35 adenovirus is produced by co-transfection of HEK293 with two plasmids, fiber5/35 scaffold plasmid and shuttle plasmid containing your GOI. The modified Ad5/35 adenoviral vectors can be used for infecting target cells or tissues via CAR-independent pathways.


-Infection of cells or tissues with CD46 expressing

-In vitro or in vivo gene delivery


-One-stop solution: from DNA synthesis to Ad5-RGD production

-Produce adenovirus particles in high titer

-Rigorous quality controls

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