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miRNA Clones

Brief Introduction

miRNA Clones

MicroRNAs comprise a novel class of endogenous, small (only about 20 to 25 nucleotides), and noncoding RNAs. MicroRNAs, in common, play the similar roles as transcription factors by specifically binding the seed sequence within 3’UTR of target genes, by activating their degradation or inhibiting their translation of the target genes mRNAs or inhibit their translation, which result in variety of cell activities changing at different levels. MicroRNA (miRNA) has emerged as an important regulator of gene expression in plants. 146 miRNAs were identified by bioinformatic analysis and RNA library sequencing.

Creative Biogene has developed an advanced vector-based miRNA expression plasmids, which can help to ease the difficulty in your research. These purified and ready to transfect miRNA expression plasmids can be used for a variety of applications to down-regulate gene expression. Besides, we can also provide miRNA mimics and inhibitors which enhance or block miRNA regulation of target gene expression. Especially miRNA inhibitors, they are designed and optimized for miRNA loss of function study.

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