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Rat Gene Cloning Services


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Rat Gene Cloning Services

The traditional role for the laboratory rat (Rattus norvegicus) has been to study biological characteristics and disease mechanisms with the goals of understanding the normal pathways and identifying gene variants that lead to disease. The rat has long been used for laboratory studies, primarily due to its size, biology, behavior, and cost to maintain in comparison to larger mammals, such as primates, and continues to be the preferred animal model for safety and toxicology testing. All major organ systems have been widely studied in the rat, making it an ideal model for systems biology and translational studies.

From gene identification to validation, and ultimately to improving human health relies heavily on studies in animal model systems. Genome wide association studies (GWAS) examine the entire genome with larger populations and have resulted in the identification of many loci implicated in neurological, cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, and other diseases. Nevertheless, without follow up studies on a number of implicated loci, the GWAS results are simply associations and can’t translate the variation into altered function and cause of disease. Rat models offer an ideal platform for interrogating this variation, and resulting functional consequences, to find drug targets or potential cures for complex diseases. These rat models studies are now generating important data about genes and pathways involved in complex human diseases.

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Figure 1. The methods available for use of animal models for translational biology with the need for bioinformatic tools to integrate gene and phenotype data.

Nevertheless, most of the rat genes are not available commercially. Therefore, it forces many laboratories to clone rat genes by themselves, which is usually very much time-consuming and costly. In some cases, cloning a rat gene could be very challenging. In the last few years, Creative Biogene has cloned out thousands of rat genes from cDNA libraries and rat tissue. Our experience includes the large rat genes and difficult-to-clone rat genes.

Our rat gene cloning services offer significant values to customers all over the world. By outsourcing your rat gene cloning services to us, you can make use of our existing expertise and economy of scale, and therefore can allow your staff and researchers to focus more on the critical aspects of your research tasks while saving time and cost in the same time.


  • Experience in cloning more than 10,000 genes
  • Large cDNA libraries from multiple rat strains
  • Significant cost saving from the economy of scale
  • One-stop service from gene cloning to expression vector


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