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GMP Grade Viral Service

Creative Biogene is a biotechnology company which has the expertise to assist you with the GMP manufacture of a variety of viral vectors that include lentivirus, adenovirus and adeno-associated virus (AAV). Creative Biogene’s top priorities are to streamline the platform processes or work with you to design a process that meets your specific needs and expedites your transition to the clinic. With years of experience in production, purification, and characterization of viral products, Creative Biogene can offer the most affordable and high-quality GMP grade viral service to meet your various needs.

GMP grade viral service

Recombinant viruses are versatile and highly efficient tools commonly used by molecular biologist for gene delivery and expression in cells. During a period of development, Creative Biogene has already possessed sophisticated equipments, advanced technologies and highly experienced staffs which are available to provide you with GMP grade recombinant viruses. Creative Biogene can assist you in all areas of transfer vector construction, recombinant viruses’ production, as well as the generation of the virus in high titer. With years of experience in research of viral packaging, Creative Biogene can provide the fastest turnaround time of any supplier in the industry.


  1. Used in clinical trials
  2. Used for cell therapy or gene therapy


  1. Capability – We can cover all aspects of your project from gene synthesis, cloning, virus      packaging and virus generation in high titer
  2. Flexibility – Each aspect of our service is tailored to fit your specific project
  3. Quality – Processes are carried out with the GMP manufacture and standard operating procedure
  4. Efficiency – We are able to provide the fastest turnaround time of any supplier in the industry
  5. Value – We focus on the quality of our service and all supported by competitive pricing
  6. Global – We are able to provide our services to worldwide clients with ease

Creative Biogene offers GMP grade viral packaging services for your scientific research as follows:

  1. Cloning gene of interest into appropriate vector
  2. Production of a virus producer cell line by transfection
  3. Generation of the virus in high titer


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