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Custom Vector Construction and Modification Service


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Custom Vector Construction and Modification Service

Creative Biogene is a leading biotechnology company which has extensive expertise and experience in providing custom vector construction and modification service for customers worldwide. Creative Biogene's sophisticated equipments, advanced technologies and highly experienced staffs are available to provide you with the complete custom vector construction and modification service, including sequences analysis, gene synthesis & cloning, DNA fragment assembling, DNA sequencing, site directed mutagenesis, and plasmid production, etc. Using fast and efficient construction and modification methods, Creative Biogene can quickly create novel custom vector constructs for large or small projects.

Custom Vector Construction and Modification Service

In molecular cloning, a vector is a DNA molecule used as a vehicle to artificially carry foreign genetic material into another cell, where it can be replicated and/or expressed (e.g.- plasmid, cosmid, Lambda phages). The four major types of vectors are plasmids, viral vectors, cosmids, and artificial chromosomes. Among these, the most commonly used vectors are plasmids. Nowadays, a wide variety of plasmid vectors are commercially available. However, in some cases, the commercial vectors cannot best match researcher’s specific needs and researchers have to rely on in house vector modification.

With years of development, Creative Biogene is able to provide custom vector construction and modification service to generate custom specialized plasmid vectors with distinct characteristics quickly and reliably. Creative Biogene has developed an advanced gene synthesis platform to modular construct custom plasmid vectors. We obtain the vector modules either by PCR amplification or synthetical methods and using complex cloning strategies when needed to develop completely customized vectors to best fit your unique requirements. Creative Biogene’s goal is to provide you with the most affordable, high-quality custom vector construction and modification service to ensure your satisfaction in a timely and professional manner.

Creative Biogene provides a range of popular vector components that you can choose from when designing your specialized vectors.

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