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Lentivirus Service

Brief Introduction

Lentiviruses are very efficient at delivering genetic materials to both dividing and non-dividing cells. According to whether proviral DNA is formed in transduced cells, lentiviruses can be further divided into two groups: integrating lentivirus (ILV) and integrase-deficient lentivirus (IDLV). ILV is first developed and applied in scientific research and IDLV is constructed later through genetic modification.

ILV is the traditional lentivirus which can integrate the viral cDNA into its target cell genome to form proviral DNA. The proviral DNA can replicate together with cell genome during cell dividing and exist in each new cell. This feature makes ILV an ideal tool for stable cell line generation to allow long-term gene expression.

IDLV is derived from ILV via the use of integrase mutations. Unlike ILV, IDLV does not form proviral DNA. The viral cDNA of IDLV is existed as episomes which will be diluted and lost in the process of cell dividing. IDLV can be used for short-term gene expression.

Creative Biogene has accumulated plenty of experience working with both integrating lentiviruses (ILVs) and integrase-deficient lentiviruses (IDLVs).

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