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Biosafety Testing Service

Brief Introduction

Creative Biogene is a biotechnology company specializing in providing biosafety testing service and related products to help you ensure the safety of your biological products. Creative Biogene's sophisticated equipments, advanced technologies and highly experienced staffs are available to provide you with a series of biosafety testing services, e.g. LAM PCR service, endotoxin detection & removal service, residual DNA testing, host cell protein assay, as well as the related assay kits. Creative Biogene’s goal is to provide you with the most affordable, high-quality biosafety testing services or the related products to ensure your satisfaction in a timely and professional manner.

Biosafety Testing Service

Biosafety testing is a series of assays to evaluate the potential biological risks of new biological products, including viral testing, microbial testing, cell and molecular testing, and analytic testing. Health authorities such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require all biopharmaceutical products and vaccines to undergo stringent testing to ensure the product is safe and free of contaminants. As a leading biotechnology services and products supplier, Creative Biogene can offer you a range of biosafety testing services and the related assay kits. Our highly experienced staffs will cooperate with you to identify a sound and cost-effective biosafety testing strategy or provide you the suitable assay kits, to assist you to confirm the safety of your biological product.

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