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Gene-Specific Recombinant Lentiviruses

The lentivirus belongs to the retroviridae family of viruses. The lentivirus is the most common gene delivery vehicle used to establish stable cell lines. In addition to their remarkable transduction efficiency, previous laboratory experiments have suggested that lentivirus vectors (LVs) exhibit low immunogenicity and durable expression. Furthermore, one of the most striking characteristics distinguishing the lentivirus genus from gammaretroviruses is their ability to infect non-replicating cells. These advantages make lentiviruses a powerful tool in the studies of gene functions. Hepatocytes, neurons, hematopoietic stem cells, monocytes, and macrophages are some examples of potential targets for lentiviral vector-based gene therapy.  

As a leader in lentiviral technology, Creative Biogene has developed has a large premade lentiviral collection and improved technologies to simplify and accelerate your research. We offer premade lentivirus containing a gene of interest from human, rat and other organisms with a choice of different tags or reporters. Our premade, ready-to-use, target expression lentiviruses are the most advanced delivery tool for the delivery of a specific-target-expression into a wide range of cell types, including primary cells and non-dividing cells.

If you don’t find the gene of your interest in our lentiviral collection, we can work for your project with our best customized lentiviral service!

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For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.