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Ion Channel Screening and Profiling with Functional Assays

Creative Biogene was the leading company offering the best ion channel functional assay services. Our excellent scientists with years’ of experience and expertise will work close with your team and provide the highest quality results with the most competitive price.

Creative Biogene offers a wide range of functional assay services, including flux-based assay, fluorescence-based assays, manual patch clamp assays, and automated electrophysiological assays, etc. From single cell manual patch clamp assay service, to high throughput 384-well automated electrophysiological assays services, we provide ion channel functional assays using our cell lines on a variety of platforms and offer the throughput or depth of profiling which meet your demands.

In the past decades, it has made a great rapid progress in developing functional assays and instrumentation, enabling high throughput screening (HTS) campaigns on a broad list of channel types.

Functional cell based assays using ion flux and fluorescent assays report mechanistic effects of compounds, identifying activators, inhibitors, and allosteric modulators.

Ion flux assays are cell-based functional assays. They trace ionic flux through channels by radioisotopes, or detect ionic flux using highly sensitive flame atomic absorption spectrometers (AAS), or using fluorescence ion-specific probes/biosensors. Ion flux assays use a radioactive species in combination with a scintillation counter or use a tracer ion measured by atomic absorption/emission spectrometry.

Fluorescence assays employ membrane potential dye or FRET-based voltage senor to measure fluorescence changes caused by dye relocation in response to membrane potential depolarization or hyperpolarization following ion channel activation or inhibition.

Manual patch clamp is considered the ‘gold standard’ for assessing ion channel function. It measures biophysical and pharmacological properties of voltage-gated and ligandgated ion channels present in cells or membrane patch or tissues with unmatched temporal resolution. It provides sufficient information to assess compound effects and distinguish various modes of action, for instance, state-dependent modulation.

Over the past decade, one remarkable breakthrough in technologies for ion channel research is the development of automated electrophysiology with high throughput capability. Automated electrophysiology provides the ideal platform for supporting ion channel programs because of the high data quality achievable. Automated electrophysiology has demonstrated its robustness in generating high-quality data for all six channels selected in the CiPA proposal and provides all the information needed to determine compound effects and modes of action.

Fig.1 Pipeline of high-throughput screening targeting ion channels (Haibo, et al. 2016)Fig.1 Pipeline of high-throughput screening targeting ion channels (Haibo, et al. 2016)

Creative Biogene offers cell based functional assays for more than 60 ion channels, including voltage-gated channels (e.g., sodium, potassium and calcium channels) and ligand-gated channels (e.g. TRP, NACHR, P2X channels). We have built a broad of ion channel profiling platforms which would meet your demands no matter for academic research or commercial use.

Advantages of Ion channel functional assay services in Creative Biogene

  1. State-of-the-art of the gold standard manual patch clamp technology
  2. Variety of automated platform assays to meet different demands
  3. Focusing on electrophysiology to avoid missed detection related to other methods
  4. Reliable and shot turn-around time

As an experienced expert with abundant know-how, Creative Biogene offers you with primary screening and functional profiling assays to help you identify potential compounds against ion channel target. Combining with our ion channel binding assay, we can provide you deep understand the relationship and interaction between your compounds and ion channel target. Based on the prompt communication and on-time reporting, Creative Biogene is dedicating working closely with your team to accelerating your project with the most competitive price.

If you have any special requirements in Ion channel functional assay services, please feel free to contact us at or 1-631-626-9181. We are looking forward to working together with your attractive projects.


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