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Adenovirus Amplification & Purification

As powerful tools, adenoviruses have been extensively used in gene delivery and expression as well as in gene therapy. Adenoviruses have a linear dsDNA genome and wild type adenoviruses can replicate in the nucleus of cells using the host's replication machinery. The life cycle of an adenovirus contains early and late phases which is separated by the DNA replication process. E1, E2, E3 and E4 are early transcribed regions. E1 gene products including E1A and E1B are involved in adenovirus replication. Proteins encoded by E2 region are involved in viral DNA replication and regulation of late viral gene transcription. Most E3 proteins play roles in modulating the immune response of infected cells and they are not essential for viral growth. E4 gene products can promote virus DNA replication and inhibit host protein synthesis. Late gene products encoded from L1-L5 units are components of the viral capsid and are involved in the assembly process.

Life cycle of adenovirus Figure 1. Life cycle of adenovirus

Human adenovirus type 5 has been extensively used in research. As gene delivery tool, adenoviruses are usually engineered to be E1/E3 deleted. The recombinant adenovirus can not be replicated in cells lacking adenovirus E1 gene.

Creative Biogene is offering adenovirus amplification and purification services to obtain purified virus in high titer and in large amount. We can amplify any adenovirus serotype, including both wild type and recombinant adenoviruses. The amplified adenovirus particles will be purified by over 2 rounds of CsCl gradients. The purified adenovirus particles are suitable for direct injection for in vivo animal experiments or cell culture.

Required Material:
-Virus Stock: a purified stock, a crude virus extract, or a virus plaque.
-Information about the virus

Our goal is to provide you with the best adenovirus particles and promote your research progress.


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