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miRNA Viral Vectors

Viral vectors are tools commonly used by molecular biologists to deliver genetic material into cells. This process can be performed inside a living organism (in vivo) or in cell culture (in vitro). Viruses have evolved specialized molecular mechanisms to efficiently transport their genomes inside the cells they infect. Delivery of genes by a virus is termed transduction and the infected cells are described as transduced.

Viral Vectors

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are single-stranded RNA sequences, of about 22 nucleotides in length, processed from longer transcripts. miRNAs are important regulators that repress the translation of messenger RNA transcripts. To date, recombinant vrial expression vectors are the most useful delivery vehicle for miRNA delivery due to their high efficiency in transient or stable miRNA expression. With years of exprerience and expertise, Creative Biogene has created a large collection of miRNA viral vectors (lentiviral vectors or adenoviral vectors) including any miRNA in the miRbase. We gurantee strong miRNA expression and allow you to package viurses and then transfect different kinds of cells.


Creative Biogene provides high-quality miRNA viral vectors, please browse our miRNA viral vectors collection to find your desired one. If you don’t find the gene of your interest in our collection, we can also tailor miRNA viral vectors for you with a best price!

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For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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