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Cotton Transformation Service

As a leading provider in plant genetic engineering, Creative Biogene offers cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) transformation and genome editing services for clients from research institute, university and company. Based on years of experience in plant tissue culture and genetic transformation, we have successfully transformed various cotton varieties, including TM-1, YZ-1, Coker and Coker-related varieties. Besides, we also have the flexibility to use either our proprietary transformation protocols or those protocols provided by the clients under license. We have dedicated to utilize the latest technology to service our customers for achieving their goals.

Cotton is the world’s most important textile crop to provide fiber for apparel, linen, paper, adhesive tape, and other products. Cottonseed is also one of the major oil source for consumable goods and food industry. The by-products after oil crushing is mainly used as livestock food or fertilizers. Insect pests and weed competition, however, badly affect cotton yield. Genetic modification using plant transformation technologies have significantly improved the efficiency of cotton production. For example, genetically modified Bt cotton has been adopted globally to control the larvae of cotton bollworm, beetles, moths, and butterflies. Transgenic herbicide-tolerant cotton has been rapidly adopted to control weed competition since it was first commercialized in 1997. GM-cotton lines have significantly reduced pesticide application, herb use, and labor costs, thus increasing profits of cotton farmers. The use of this genetic transformation technique, along with modifications that may further increase transformation efficiency, provides new prospects for crop improvement and breeding.

Cotton Transformation ServiceFigure 1. Agrobacterium-mediated cotton transformation

Detail information of cotton transformation service

  • Variety: TM-1, YZ-1, Coker and Coker-related varieties.
  • Transformation method: Agrobacterium-mediated hypocotyl transformation
  • Transgenic events: 3-5 independent positive events
  • Deliverables: T1 seeds
  • Turnaround time: 10-11 months from receiving construct to sending T1 seeds.
  • Equipment: air shower, clean bench, Bio-Rad PDS-1000/He, fluorescent microscopy, tissue culture room, plant growth chamber, greenhouse.

Creative Biogene offers one-stop solution of cotton transformation, from vector construction, transformation, molecular characterization to functional analysis. Moreover, Creative Biogene also provide single/multiple gene knockout service of cotton to facility your gene functional studies as well as crop improvement. We will work closely with you to make sure your project is given the best intellectual and technical support. For more information of service details, questions or collaborations, please feel free to contact us.


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