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Ubiquitin Screening & Profiling Services

Creative Biogene is a leading company offering the best ubiquitin screening and profiling services. As a well-known expert in this field...


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Ubiquitin Screening & Profiling Services

Brief Introduction

Creative Biogene is a leading company offering the best ubiquitin screening and profiling services. As a well-known expert in this field, our talented scientists provide support, expertise, experience, collaboration and customization to meet your specific demands. Creative Biogene is dedicated to offering a range of state-of-the-art ubiquitin assays services to support the rapidly growing academic and commercial drug discovery interests in this field.

Creative Biogene is helping to lead the way with cutting edge ubiquitin screening and profiling services that enable researchers to advance their understanding of ubiquitin’s fundamental and underlying biochemistry, as well as accelerating drug discovery in this area. No matter whether you’re interested in screening for a novel ubiquitin deconjugating enzyme (DUB) inhibitor, a regulator of a ubiquitin ligase (E3s) or want to investigate any other part of the ubiquitin system, we provide the assays and capabilities to support your research programs.

Ubiquitin Screening & Profiling Services Fig.1: A diagram of ubiquitin

Ubiquitination is a key regulatory mechanism attaching the small protein modifier ubiquitin to protein substrates, thereby modifying their structure, cellular location, function, or targeting them for destruction via proteolysis. The process of protein ubiquitylation regulates many aspects of cell function and provides a wealth of drug target opportunities to many therapeutic areas including cancers, cardiovascular, metabolism, inflammation, diabetes, neurodegeneration and infectious diseases.

Ubiquitin Screening & Profiling Services Fig.2: Surface representation of Ubiquitin

In recent years, a lot of important progress has been made in not only understanding the structure, function and important regulatory roles of ubiquitin network, but also the modifications of ubiquitin pathway in various human diseases. Based on the progress made, it is now possible to target specifically various components involved in the ubiquitin pathway such as E3 ubiquitin ligases, deubiquitinases and proteosome for potential anticancer therapies (Sudharsana Rao et al. 2009).

Creative Biogene has removed the obstruction of drug discovery in this area by providing assays for both ubiquitination and deubiquitination. Meanwhile, with off-the-shelf assays for functional E3 ligase cascades, we have made this target class readily accessible for academic research and commercial drug discovery.

Creative Biogene offers a wide range of ubiquitin drug target services, including DUB profiling services, inducible degrader of LDLR (IDOL)-E3 ligase assays, custom HTS-compatible assays, cell-based assays, and so on. We have several advantages in ubiquitin screening and profiling services:

  1. More than 20 biological pathways
  2. Service can be done with single concentration, IC50 determination or larger numbers of compounds
  3. Over 20 DUB targets on our panel
  4. Fast rapid screening and profiling

With years of experience of the ubiquitin drug discovery, Creative Biogene is dedicated to identify your compounds interacting with target ubiquitin. We can significantly save your time and cost during your ubiquitin compounds screening and profiling. Meanwhile, based on prompt communication and on-time reporting, our scientists will ensure to meet your strict project timelines with high efficiency and quality.

If you have any special requirements in ubiquitin compound screening, please feel free to contact us at or 1-631-626-9181. We are looking forward to working together with your attractive projects.


  1. Sudharsana Rao, A., Junjie, C., Subbareddy, M. (2009) ‘The ubiquitin pathway: An emerging drug target in cancer therapy’, European Journal of Pharmacology, 265, 199–205

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