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Analytical Testing Service

Analytical Testing Service

Creative Biogene offers a series of analytical testing service for biopharmaceutics, pharmaceutics and clinic products. With leading-edge instruments and an excellent platform, our scientist team bring clients professional services with high quality results. Our analytical testing service help manufacturers ensure the biosafety of their products according to specifications and meet international standards. In addition, our experienced scientist team will always work closely with our clients to meet their needs. Custom analytical service is welcome.

Analytical testing service is a deep analysis of samples through biological, chemical and physical method or with high-tech instruments. Utilizing analytical testing, it is accurate and rapid to find the trace contamination of products, including microbes, virus, adventitious cell and reagents. Contamination is considered as the main problem in manufacturing process of biological and clinic products.

Analytical Testing Service

Creative Biogene offers vast of analytical testing services at various stages of manufacturing process in strict accordance with the guideline of governing agencies.

Creative Biogene offers analytical testing service, including:

  1. Host Cell Protein Assay;
  2. Residual DNA Testing;
  3. LAM PCR;
  4. Next Generation Sequencing;
  5. Transmission Electron Microscopy.

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