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Plant Transformation Service

Brief Introduction

Creative Biogene has focused on routine plant tissue culture and genetic transformation to provide customers with high quality service over the past decade. We have transformed major agronomic crops successfully, such as rice, maize, cotton, wheat, barley, and model plants, such as arabidopsis, tobacco. In addition, the Creative Biogene's staff have extensive experience in the development of transformation protocols for species for which transformation methodologies are not available or are currently inefficient. With the most advanced equipment and professional scientists, we will work closely with you to bring satisfied plant transformation service for your research.

Plant genetic transformation is a way to insert foreign DNA into the plant genome. It is now a powerful tool in plant biology research and plays an important role for crop breeding and improvement. Agrobacterium-mediated T-DNA (transfer DNA) transformation, particle bombardment delivery and PEG-mediated protoplast transformation are the most popular delivery strategies applied widely in plant transformation at present. Which delivery strategy to be chose depends on the receptor species and specific research purposes. With the development of plant transformation technology, transgenic breeding has emerged. This method has thoroughly changed the production mode of plant variety.

Delivery StrategyAdvantages Applicative Species
Agrobacterium-mediated transformationLow copy numbers integration, stable inheritance, low cost.Dicots, a few monocots.
Particle bombardmentExtensive receptor species, convenient operation.Nearly all species.
PEG-mediated transformationFast, low cost.Individual plants like tobacco, lettuce etc.

Some laboratories now face the problems of inefficiency and limited receptor species in plant genetic transformation. Creative Biogene dedicates the exploitation of efficient transformation systems and extensive receptor plants. We will work together with you closely and solve your problem.

Experimental process of Creative Biogene:

  • Isolation and cloning of target gene
  • Construction of expression vector
  • Callus induction and culture
  • Plasmids transfer into callus
  • Selection of transformed callus
  • Plant regeneration
  • Transgenic plant verification

Agrobacterium-mediated Rice TransformationFig 1. Agrobacterium-mediated Rice Transformation (Wang et al, 2015)

Advantages of plant transformation in Creative Biogene:

  • Efficient and stable transformation system
  • Various delivery strategies for multiple species and genotypes
  • Short experimental period, just 3 to 9 months for routine plants
  • Years of experience in plant genetic transformation system

Creative Biogene provides plant transformation services for the plant species listed in the table below for clients around the world, we will offer seeds of positive T1 generation over 5 lines.

SpeciesGenotype Selection System Lines of Positive T1 Generation
RiceKitaake, Nipponbarehygromycin10
MaizeHi-II A X Bhygromycin10
CottonCoker 312, Acala B1654hygromycin10
WheatFielder, Bobwhitehygromycin, glufosinate10
BarleyGolden Promisehygromycin, glufosinate10
ArabidopsisCol, Ler, Wshygromycin10
TobaccoBenthamiana, Sr1, Samsun, TI1347, Xanthikanamycin, hygromycin, glufosinate10
TomatoMoney maker, T-5, UC 82B, VF 36, MicroTomkanamycin, hygromycin, glufosinate10
PetuniaMitchell diploidkanamycin10
PepperR&C Cayenneglufosinate5
Lettucemost genotypeskanamycin10

For further information about our plant tissue culture or transformation service, please contact us at or 1-631-626-9181.

  1. Wang, K. (2015). Preface. agrobacterium protocols. Methods Mol Biol,1224, vii-viii.

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