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MicroRNA Sponge Service

The sponge mRNA contains multiple target sites complementary to a miRNA of interest. Stably expressed miRNA sponge is particularly valuable for long-term loss-of-function studies both in vitro and in vivo.

Creative Biogene provides world-class MicroRNA (miRNA) sponge service and we have been perfecting MicroRNA sponge service for many years. Our microRNA sponge is a RNA molecule with 5-8 tandem miRNA binding sequences that can sequester miRNAs from their endogenous target mRNAs.

Compared with antisense oligonucleotide inhibitor and genetic knockout, MicroRNA sponge possesses the following superiority:

  1. Due to encoded by plasmid, MicroRNA sponge can silence target MicroRNA stablely through eukaryotic expression vector and packaged lentivirus particle.
  2. MicroRNA sponge is especially suitable for the functional research of a family of MicroRNAs because of the conserved seed sequences.
  3. MicroRNA sponge is particularly valuable for long-term loss-of-function study both in vitro and in vivo.
  4. Even completely unrelated miRNAs binding sequences can be constructed compatibly within one vector, so MicroRNA sponge could slience multiple miRNAs simultaneously.
  5. Multiple options for miRNA sponge vectors: non-viral/viral plasmid backbone, promoter, reporter gene, antibiotic selection marker, tandem repeat number etc.
Comparison ItemmiRNA SpongemiRNA Antagomir
CompositionmRNA containing a 3' UTRRNA oligos with chemical modifications
Plasmid backboneYesNo
ReporterGFP, luciferase or other reporter proteinsNone
Binding sitesMultipleSingle
SpecificitymiRNA seed familySingle miRNA
Transient expressionYesYes
Stable expressionYesNo
Chromosomal insertionsYesNo

Creative Biogene provides custom miRNA sponge services to meet your specific needs.

Custom miRNA sponge expression vectors with different combinations of the elements in the following table can be ordered from us. If those elements cannot fulfil your requirement, please contact us for a solution. Our experienced team can always come up with professional services tailored to your needs. Besides, Creative Biogene can also help its clients to construct the lentivirus expression vector and then to package and manufacture high-titer sponge lentivirus particles.

PromoterFluorescent ProteinAntibiotic


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