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Maize Transformation Service

Plant transformation platform of Creative Biogene has the capacity to conduct transformations for various inbred and hybrid maize lines, including but not limited to B104, B114, LH244, A188, A634, H99, W117, Y423, PHR03, Mo17 and Hi-II. Our maize transformation pipeline is one of the most efficient platform around the world, and follow fully-matured transformation protocol to offer high throughput maize transformation for both academic research and commercial applications. Moreover, we have molecular and bioinformatics expertise within the group, to also undertake construct design, cloning and downstream analysis of the transgenic plants as required.

Maize is an important food and feed crop around the world. Since the market launch of the first transgenic Bt maize products in the mid-1990s, maize has become one of the most important target crops for biotechnological innovation. Currently, there are more biotech traits available on the market in maize than in any other crop. The generation of transgenic plants is the crucial step in the development of new biotech trait products. For commercial applications, it is highly desirable to have a high throughput transformation system producing large number of high quality events in an elite genetic background. Also, with the rapid development of genome editing technology in plant, it is conceivable that the application of maize transformation in basic research for understanding the maize genome and in commercial trait development will progress rapidly in the coming years.

Agrobacterium-mediated maize (Hi-II) transformation Figure1. Agrobacterium-mediated maize (Hi-II) transformation

Services offered by Creative Biogene

  • Agrobacterium-mediated/particle bombardment-mediated maize transformation service.
  • Single/multiplex gene knockout service.
  • Transgene-free transformation or genome editing service.
  • Embryo rescue service: recovery of viable plants from immature embryos derived from rare materials.
  • Generation of doubled haploid lines and polyploid lines service.
  • Molecular cloning and construction service.

Scientists in Creative Biogene utilize the most advance plant genetic engineering platform to improve key characteristics, like innate drought tolerance, disease resistance, nutritional content, and yield, in economically important crops (such as maize, soybean) at an accelerated rate. We provide full service and support for generation and maintenance of transgenic maize. Based on fully equipped tissue culture room and greenhouse, we produce about 1,000 independent maize transformants per year. Moreover, Our R&D teams work with academic and commercial institutions worldwide to facilitate agricultural innovation.

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