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Full-Length cDNA Library Construction Service

Creative Biogene is a leading biotechnology company which can provide high quality full-length cDNA library construction services for customers worldwide. Creative Biogene’s innovative methods and highly experienced staffs are able to purify and ligate the dscDNA molecules with 5' end Cap and 3' end poly A tail into a suitable vector, so as to provide you a strong tool to analyze the transcriptome such as gene expression profile analysis, function analysis and novel gene search. Besides, with years of experience in the cDNA library construction field, Creative Biogene can offer a range of affordable full-length cDNA library construction services with fastest turnaround time to satisfy your downstream needs.

Full-Length cDNA Library Construction Service

Creative Biogene is able to provide the following full-length cDNA library construction services for your scientific research:

Full-length enriched cDNA library

Full-length enriched cDNA libraries from Creative Biogene are produced using a proprietary method which combines cDNA synthesis and amplification, thus can enrich the representative cDNA with full-length sequences even from small amount of starting materials.

Normalized full-length enriched cDNA library

Creative Biogene uses a novel normalization method to produce the normalized full-length enriched cDNA library. Using this method, we can specific remove selected transcripts without loss of average cDNA size and increase novel gene discovery rates.

Uncut full-length cDNA library

Creative Biogene uses a comprehensive method which combines the proprietary full-length cDNA library procedure with the Gateway® recombination-based cloning technology to produce the uncut full-length cDNA library. Gateway® technology allows us to avoid restriction enzyme digestion of the cDNA during library construction. And the strict quality control can ensure that libraries are highly enriched for full-length cDNA clones.


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