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circRNA Microarray Service

Creative Biogene provides a genome-wide circRNA expression profiling service using the latest microarray technology. Our one-stop solution for circRNA microarray service includes RNA QC, amplification, sample labeling, array hybridization, image data processing and in-depth data analysis. With sophisticated equipment and outstanding microarray experts, we are confident to complete your circRNA profiling project with high-quality service and ensure your satisfaction in a professional manner.

Circular RNA (circRNA) is emerging as a new class of endogenous and regulatory noncoding RNA in recent years. Generally, most circRNAs function as miRNA sponges or transcription/translation regulator to impact the expression of miRNA target genes, which plays important roles in the regulation of cancers. With the widespread application of RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) technology and bioinformatics prediction, large numbers of circRNAs have been identified. However, low abundance expression level of circRNA significantly limits the detection efficiency of RNA-seq. Therefore, high-throughput microarray may act as a more sensitive, efficient and cost-effective technology for circRNA expression profiling.

Creative Biogene utilizes unique head-to-tail junction specific probes, combining with enzymatic linear RNA removal, to enrich, capture and quantify circRNA targets at high sensitivity and specificity. Our circRNA microarray can be widely used in human, rat and mouse.

Workflow of circRNA microarray

Workflow of circRNA microarray

circRNA expression microarray offered by Creative Biogene

Microarray Formats Detected circRNAsDatabase
Human circRNA Array-V2.08 x 15K13600circBase
Mouse circRNA Array-2.08 x 15K14200circBase
Rat circRNA Array-2.08 x 15K14100circBase
Human circRNA Microarray-V2.0*4 x 180K170340circBase

Benefits of Creative Biogene

  • Excellent sensitivity and dynamic range
  • Head-to-tail junction specific probes
  • Efficient circRNA labeling
  • Accurate and reliable circRNA expression profiling
  • In depth data analysis for establishing circRNA-miRNA/protein interaction network

Creative Biogene provides a reliable and affordable circRNA service to obtain accurate expression data and comprehensive bioinformatics analysis. With advanced microarray platform and professional data analysis team, we are confident to accelerate your biomarker-discovery and drug development program. In addition, we also devote to create custom circRNA microarray to meet specific project requirements.

For further information about our circRNA microarray service, please contact us at or 1-631-626-9181.


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