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Kinase Screening & Profiling Services

Creative Biogene is offering kinase screening and profiling services. Our talented scientists who have years of...


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Kinase Screening & Profiling Services

Brief Introduction

Creative Biogene is offering kinase screening and profiling services. Our talented scientists who have years of experience in kinase screening and profiling will offer unmatched expertise to assist you in kinase drug discovery. Moreover, we can also provide a wide range of options to save the time and cost of your discovery programs.

Based on our comprehensive collection of biochemical and cell-based kinase assays, Creative Biogene can provide you gold-standard filter-binding radiometric kinase activity assays, TR-FRET technology, and mobility shift assays to measure substrate phosphorylation, and also the kinase assays to detect ATP consumption and ADP generation. A growing menu of homogeneous, functional assays to identify activated kinases in whole cells is also offered by integrating different technology platforms, kinase knowledge, and expertise in cell-based assays. Applied alone or in combination, these powerful assay platforms can be used at all stages of drug discovery and are ideal for identifying highly potent and selective kinase inhibitors.

Kinases are a large family contains 518 members which represent one of the most important and largest superfamilies of drugable targets and a major research field for both the pharmaceutical industry and academic research. Kinase signaling pathways play such a primary role in regulating cell proliferation, metabolism, and death, which indicate that changes in kinase activity can lead to several disease states, even including cancers. These notable properties, therefore, make kinases become one of the most interesting target families in drug discovery. In the last few years, it has seen increasing recognition of kinases as a vital drug target class. To date, 30 kinase inhibitors have been approved by the FDA (Olivier et al. 2015). It seems that the selection of specific and potent drug candidates targeting kinases has become a popular and meaningful choice in drug discovery industry.

Drug discovery efforts are usually focused on a single target against which compounds are optimized for therapeutic efficacy. However, because there are conserved active sites and high structural homology between kinases, developing a selective kinase inhibitor is particularly challenging. In this way, a large and wide range of profiling has become a requirement of new kinase inhibitor programs for better understanding structure/activity relationships, supporting to avoid targets with toxic liabilities, and ultimately, to select better drug candidates.

Kinase Screening & Profiling Services Fig. 1: The sketch of kinase structure

Creative Biogene is dedicated to ensuring all our service and products are at the highest level of quality. Our service is highly flexible addressing your special demands on kinase screening and profiling, and our experienced experts will work in close collaboration with your team to effectively support your compound screening and profiling. With our unparalleled expertise and experience in kinase drug discovery, Creative Biogene should be your first choice for the kinase screening and profiling projects.

If you have any special requirements in kinase compound screening, please feel free to contact us at or 1-631-626-9181. We are looking forward to working together with your attractive projects.


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