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Knockout Cell Lysate

Cell lines are engineered into double-knockout lines by CRISPR technology. The double knockout genotype is verified by PCR followed by sequencing. The knockout (KO) cell lysate is the cell homogenate in RIPA buffer made from the KO cell lines. A vial of lysate from the parental cell line is also provided as an internal control.

The immediate utility is to serve as negative controls for western blots and ultimately to validate the specificity of antibodies. Validating an antibody's specificity is crucial to ensure the absence of nonspecific binding. One approach to addressing this is through knockout of the target protein by CRISPR-mediated technologies. We are expecting that novel applications such as a negative control for functional assay.

Creative Biogene’s KO cell lines and KO cell lysate are ideally suited for:

  1. Polyclonal and monoclonal antibody validation
  2. Gene function and biological pathway analysis
  3. Biomarker discovery and validation
  4. Drug target identification and validation
  5. Cancer development and progression studies

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