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Histone Demethylase Screening and Profiling Service

Creative Biogene is the leading company offering a large number of demethylase screening and profiling services. With years of experience and skills, Creative Biogene provides the access to a wide range of platforms and panels for demethylase assay profiling and low-cost high throughput screening services.

Creative Biogene is offering not only DNA demethylase biochemical assays, but also histone demethylase (HDMT) biochemical assays. Demethylation events play an essential role in histone modification dynamics. HDMTs are found to be vital in cell development and differentiation. In addition, they are shown to participate in the regulation of chromatin remodeling, cell death, and global DNA methylation. Furthermore, HDMTs are also involved in some pathological processes such as cancer and inflammatory diseases. It is important to detect activity and inhibition of HDMTs in clarifying mechanisms of epigenetic regulation of gene activation and silencing, which has potential in benefiting cancer therapeutics.

Demethylases are a kind of enzymes that remove methyl groups from lysine and arginine residues of proteins, and currently the most commonly studied are histone demethylases. Histones’ methylation is essential for modulating transcription and maintaining chromatin structure. And demethylases play an important role in development and gene regulation just like all other histone modifying enzymes. Except LSD1A, all of the other demethylases contain a catalytic jumonji domain. Many of these demethylases require a cofactor such as FAD, Fe(II), or α-ketoglutarate.

Fig.1 Structure model of JmJDAFig.1 Structure model of JmJDA

Demethylases present a high level of substrate specificity with respect to their target lysine. In addition, they are sensitive to the specific type of methylation that they recognize and subsequently demethylate. For example, some demethylases can only demethylate mono- and dimethyl substrates, whereas others have the ability to demethylate all states of lysine methylation. Considering the critical role that demethylases play in gene regulation, it is understandable that they have been associated to many human cancers.

Creative Biogene’s histone demethylase assays utilize highly specific methods recognizing demethylated products. Advantages of histone demethylase assays in Creative Biogene:

  1. Screening for multiple HDMTs targets or inhibitors
  2. IC50 determination and single point concentration assay
  3. Large scale HTS assay
  4. Quick turnaround time

Creative Biogene is the best company to supply compounds screening and profiling against HDMTs for drug discovery research. We provide a comprehensive platform offering a wide range of HDMTs to meet all of your research demands. Talented scientists with abundant expertise in Creative Biogene are dedicating to accelerating your HDMTs drug discovery project and identify the best inhibitors or activators for your target HDMT.

If you have any special requirements in HDMTs screening and profiling service, please feel free to contact us at or 1-631-626-9181. We are looking forward to working together with your attractive projects.

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